Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All the children at Miraclessudan Hippotherapy program would like to thank the honourary members of the Ashbury college class of 82 for their very kind donation to this program.

Brad Hamson, gave the donation in their name, and we also recieved a very kind and encouraging e.mail from Brad, saying, ".... it lifted my spirits to see the smiling faces of those wonderful children, whom your horses do so much for. Thank you again. We will pass the word, and Canadian peacemakers will continue our involvement in the future. You are a beacon of hope to all those children.

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  1. Excellent choice you apply the therapies for children using horses, think it's a very good option in some towns of Spain are also using this technique with very good results, congratulations on the blog and congratulations for the magnificent work they are doing;

    I wish them well;
    Feel free to visit my blog of news;

    best reguards from BARCELONA!