Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Donation given in memory of George Kent

George Kent sadly passed away September 29, 2009. While his son Paul Kent was serving with the UN in Sudan.

Paul has said that his father loved animals and children. So The Canadian contingent has made a kind donation to our Hippotherapy program, in the memory of George Kent.

The Canadians volunteer at our farm and know the good that the donation will do in helping our Hippotherapy program to continue to grow.


  1. My Grandfather would be proud. This is a fantastic gesture. Thank you very much! :)

  2. Thank you, Adam.
    We are always very greatful for kind donations, to help us continue our work.
    We feel our Hippotherapy program is a very important theraputic tool to help the disabled children of Sudan.
    I am sorry that our gain has come from a loss in your family. But it makes me feel happy to know that you think your grandfather would be proud from this gesture.
    Thank you again.

  3. Our family is deeply touched by this living memory to our dad. He would be so proud to know and have his name associated with such a tremendous organization that gives children and their families hope and pride in what they can do and not in what they can't do.
    Marshall, Rosemarie, Adam & Pamela Wood

  4. Dear Rosemarie, Thank you for your kind comment. When you wrote 'pride in what they can do and not in what they can't do' it really touched a place in my heart.
    I have two disabled children ( Fatima is 18 yrs old, and has Charge syndrome and Mamoon my 6yrs old son whom I adopted when he was 3yrs old).
    It really hurts me when people feel sorry for the two of them, for what they can not do, instead of focusing on what they can do.
    Because of my own children, and my love and understanding of horses, I feel that I am blessed with my idea job. If a job is what you would call it, it is really more of a passion.
    Thank you, and please keep intouch.